Growing up in NW Pennsylvania, the land was abundant to hunt for whitetail deer, bear, turkey, and other small game. After moving to the Midwest, my access to permissible private land was all but gone, and it was then that I learned the value of public land and public land hunting.

In the fall of 2014, my wife took me on my first trip to Colorado. The yellow Aspens mixed with the green pines and the bugles of the bull elks had me hooked! I knew I wanted to experience Colorado elk hunting, but had no idea how to get started and an expensive outfitter wasn’t an option nor was it something I wanted to pursue.

Following the likes of Corey Jacobson, Randy Newberg, and Steven Rinella, I caught the public land elk hunting fever. What first seemed like an impossible task, elk hunting on public land quickly became a possibility. I realized that over-the-counter, DIY public land hunts were not only possible but also feasible from a financial standpoint.

Primal Pioneer was created as a way to share not only resources that helped me prepare for my first public land elk hunt, but also the joy and excitement that comes with experiencing hunting on public lands.

If you’re an avid outdoorsman like me, who thought elk hunting required a privately guided hunt, I hope you find this site helpful in getting started with your own first elk hunt, and hopefully realize along the way the value of public lands.

See you in the pines,